I read Man’s Search for Meaning and gleaned the same knowledge from that experience. The problem was, I didn’t write down my thoughts, like you did. I am grateful to you for sharing what you learned, as they reflect my own thoughts (almost identically). The book had such an impact on me that I went out and bought several of them to give as gifts for friends who questioned life and found themselves in a terrible place.

Personally, I have experienced the suffering, not quite to the extent of Dr. Frankl, but definitely could bring a human down. I have always looked at life in a way that never questions my existence, but certainly I seek to empower others to look at life differently.

Thank you again and I intend on sharing your article with others. It’s what I do when I find something I know will help others.

May 2017 leave 2016 in the dust and may your dreams continually be realized.

Atypical in every way

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